Feb. 4th, 2010

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Amanda Fucking Palmer, FTW!

[livejournal.com profile] tearcreek, [livejournal.com profile] therathasspoken and I have tix to see her in Adelaide in March. \o/

Also, hot gossip suggests that GeeWay is to lend his voice to an epic 80s power ballad song on AFP's side project, Evelyn Evelyn. *bounce*

[ETA: Apart from the all-star cast already mentioned (“Weird Al” Yankovic, Gerard Way, Andrew WK, Neil Gaiman, Tegan and Sara, and Frances Bean Cobain), apparently MSI is involved, too. What? Coherence means nothing. My brain just exploded.]

I feel a giddy rush of delight, every time I think about the coming few months, which is pretty much all the time. I just feel like dancing. So excited, no lie.

Please remind me to post about next week.
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Andy Hurley makes things all better. He should consider a career as a nurse. Or a shrink. Not!news remains more clearly delineated not!news; Fall Out Boy are on indefinite hiatus, and Pete is a drama queen wordsmith with more red wine than is strictly good for him, and far more access to the internet than is good for us. What's new?

Guh, drama.

Spent my evening carefully avoiding the piles of Real Work I'm meant to be tackling. Kind of want to crawl away and hide for a while.

Finished 'Wyrd Sisters', and have a much higher appreciation for Pratchett than I did before (my starting point was a sample size of 1; 'Colour Of Magic' was sort of uninspiring).

Yah. Pottered away in bandom; folded some laundry.

All systems go in my household tonight, folks.


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