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So when a cockroach invaded my already disagreeable morning, I was underwhelmed. Ugh!

I caught it in the kitchen and put it outside, not because I have any sense of justice or right-to-life sensibilities towards cockroaches, but because I was too squeamish to kill it. They are so disgusting, eep! *shudders* That said, I am glad not to live in Sydney.

I was horrendously late to work today, even by my standards. Unlike yesterday, I didn't even have a reasonable excuse. I just...struggled to get my arse out the door.

YESTERDAY. I received my new dress in the mail! \o/ It's so pretty. I bought it at Review in Canberra, only they didn't have my size in black, so they called another store to mail it to me.

Last night, mum, dad, our three German folk and I went out to a waterside restaurant, which was so definitely waterside as to be situated on a pier. Needless to say, there was a lot of fish on the menu. Many fancy things were available, so what did I order? Fish and chips. Sophistication, I haz it, yo. Altogether, it was a lovely night out; mum got drunk on two glasses of wine, which kept me amused.

I've nearly finished 'Emma'; I spent much of the book annoyed at the main characters, but it improved as it went along, which, I suppose, was the whole point of the book. Still, urgh. Irritating protagonist, dnw. Nonetheless, Mr Knightley makes me go ♥_♥; I wish I could write into existence a character like him for myself, minus the creepy "I've loved you since you were 13" sentiment, which would not have been creepy if they had been 13 together, but indeed he is a good 15 years older than she. Things have changed since Austen's time.

MERCH. \o/
I'm getting three tees, courtesy of this post. I've taken the black Cobra Starship one, the MCR "three cheers" era one, and the Hush Sound "dance me across the country" one. Even taking into account currency conversion from USD, and postage, it is still far cheaper to buy merch this way. Once again, no love for my country's location at the bottom of the civilised world. *spork*
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