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Found via [livejournal.com profile] iamsupernova.

Anybody who loves Amanda Fucking Palmer, like me and a thousand other people I can think of, should read this post, by [livejournal.com profile] ishyface, on the matter of Evelyn Evelyn, and why the project is NOT OK.

It makes me sad that somebody I idolise on the basis of her previous actions, which have led me to conclude that she stands up for her beliefs, challenges the stupid/ignorant/sexist/mainstream bullshit around her, and fights for the minority, would turn around and be a douchebag at the drop of a hat. She won't even acknowledge her critics*.

Guh. I don't even know where to start with this. The fact that she's portraying the whole thing as real, when it so obviously *isn't*, makes me squirm because it's so blatantly, sickeningly sensationalist. I thought she was above that, tbph.

I guess, the unintentional bright side of this whole saga is that it's made me sharply aware of the whole concept of ableist privilege. I did some reading over at disabledfeminists.com, which cued me in to a whole host of things about which I'd previously been unaware. Judging, however, by the fawning comments on Amanda's blog, not everybody has cottoned on.

This current disaster doesn't take away from her previous demonstrations of awesomeness, like the re-belly-on, but it sure has taken the shine off. Fail, Amanda. Fail.

Dear 2010,
quit it already.
No love,

[*ETA: Jason Webley has responded, and amongst other things says that Amanda will respond when she is able to. At least they have now acknowledged that people are upset, and that they didn't set out to offend anybody.]
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