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Laaaaaaaaaazy last day.

It may be snowing and deathly cold in Europe (hi, [livejournal.com profile] foxe and [livejournal.com profile] frankkincense!), but no such luck here. It's bloody hot, and it's only going to get worse, or so I'm led to believe. On the up side (and it's a considerable up side), I won't freeze my arse off at Beach Trip this year. \o/

We went out for Southern Indian style lunch today,which was lovely, and now there is cake, though it is sadly not very nice.

Hmm. I ought to toddle off post-office-wards, and get my two-month letter in the mail and a step closer to its recipient. Postal strikes mean that it is unlikely to reach its destination for another couple of weeks, but that just adds to its ridiculous, languid charm. Or: that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :D
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Good evening, dear land of livejournal!

I am armed this afternoon with a choc-chip cookie and a small latte. With these things, I can achieve anything!

I sent in my tax return this morning, after having put it off for the last, oh ... 3 months. Sigh. Still, a nice, healthy return will be coming my way. :)

Today's flight departs Melbourne International Airport at 1:45am, which technically makes it tomorrow's flight, but as there will be no sleep for me between now and then, it's a moot point.

- My bank knows I'm going away. They will not suddenly cancel my card. \o/
- My passport is in order.
- I've checked in online.
- My luggage is strewn across my bed, and my thus far empty bag is in the centre of the floor.

... I think I'm nearly ready. Except for the finishing packing thing, lol.

Erm. What else must be done?
- I have to stop via a card shop on my way home - either in Malvern or in the city. *googles* Malvern it is, then.
- I have to wrap the corresponding present, as well.


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