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Amanda Fucking Palmer, FTW!

[livejournal.com profile] tearcreek, [livejournal.com profile] therathasspoken and I have tix to see her in Adelaide in March. \o/

Also, hot gossip suggests that GeeWay is to lend his voice to an epic 80s power ballad song on AFP's side project, Evelyn Evelyn. *bounce*

[ETA: Apart from the all-star cast already mentioned (“Weird Al” Yankovic, Gerard Way, Andrew WK, Neil Gaiman, Tegan and Sara, and Frances Bean Cobain), apparently MSI is involved, too. What? Coherence means nothing. My brain just exploded.]

I feel a giddy rush of delight, every time I think about the coming few months, which is pretty much all the time. I just feel like dancing. So excited, no lie.

Please remind me to post about next week.
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Procrastinator [livejournal.com profile] why_am_i to the rescue!

So I was scouting around the dark recesses of the internet, trying to find amusing trivia questions for a work function, and plausible wrong answers to pad out MCQs, and I came across this gem of a website. I've copied my favourite comments below, but if you want more insightful commentary on insanity and general stupidity with a British slant, or you wish to simply remind yourself that there are still some reasonable people left in the world, head over and laugh or cry as you see fit.

JSYK: This relates to a politician named Nick Griffin, whose views fall in line with those of Pauline Hanson (I can't think of a US equivalent, but think of somebody who is racist and proud of it, and you'll get the idea). The bits in bold are comments that the website's authors have found in threads on various fora around the net. The bits in normal font are the commentary to those comments. My very favourite is the last one, even though it makes me *headdesk* repeatedly in an alarming fashion.

"Thanks to Liz for pointing me at the BNP Question Time thread. It’s actually rather reassuring, to see a party almost unanimously inducing massive, racist erections in HYSers, when we know only a fraction of the population would ever actually vote for them. It’s almost as if they’re just a small group making a lot of noise, who the majority of us disagree with, but stay silent because we don’t think they’re worth bothering with.

This is why I think they’re so impressed with Nick Griffin. These are people who spend all day in an environment where almost everyone has the same opinion, twice an hour, and the ones who don’t either get no recommendations, or give up on the fucking place and come here. Granted, it’s the ultra-left BBC, but it’s safe, sanitised, and everyone is either just like you or invisible. We find them here and not in the real world because differences of opinion and the idea of having to rethink their position actually rather frighten them. Meanwhile, Nick Griffin musters the courage to go on a BBC programme where everyone thinks he’s a racist twat, has seen videos of him being a Nazi and planning to lie about it, and is a lot cleverer than him. It’s as if there’s a thunderstorm and he’s actually peeped outside, while this lot are still quivering under the bed. ...

It was very biased against Nick Griffin. The audience was about 85% multicultural and the panel were hypocrites, one minute saying that the Daily Mail had freedom of speech and the next they were denouncing an elected political party for it’s views!
Where were the supporters of the BNP in this audience? Not allowed in, I suspect. It was a totally one-sided affair and even though I woul not vote BNP, I think the man had a lot of guts for coming on the show in the first place.

Rebecca Dwyer, Wakefield, United Kingdom

I feel quite sorry for Rebecca Dwyer. She obviously really wants to be clever and understand politics and stuff, but it’s always that half-inch away from her grasp. So she can never work out why the fat Scottish man and the young man with the long face and posh accent are always shouting at each other. And this is where bad euphemisms come back to bite the English language in the arse. Poor Rebecca’s clearly heard “freedom of speech” and “multiculturalism” used so often for “don’t criticise my opinions” and “wogs, assorted” that she genuinely thinks that’s what they mean.

Here’s Liz’s find. You remember back in GCSE English, when you had to read all those books, and, though you never admitted it at the time, there were a couple you quite liked. Obviously, it’s been years since then and you can’t really remember what they were about, but you had the same pencil-case right through to the end of your A-Levels, and will never forget the quotes you scratched inside the lid to get you through the day. ...

In the famous book “to kill a mockingbird” Atticus Finch tells his kids, bravery is not a man with a gun in his hand, but someone who knows they are going to be beaten before they start, but still goes ahead. Nick Griffin knew he wouldn’t get a fair hearing and would be raked over the coals. But he went ahead and aired his views, that makes him brave in my eyes and thats why I am voting BNP next election

Atticus Finch, Mockingbird town

At least it’s a change from ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’."

If you are bored and require a study break, you can have a good giggle at these wonderful old superstitions. You might even learn some useful study tips, such as: "If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used for studying for the test, the pencil will remember the answers." Never forget that, kids! No need to stress about cramming, ever again.

Oh, this bandom advent calendar is on my wishlist, for no reason other than it is gratuitously pretty and kind of ridiculous, at the same time.

And also, Mikeyway looking precious and cradling a multicoloured unicorn might be my favourite thing ever: "When life gives you lemons, make a lemon themed analogy." - MW

&alicia+mikeyway; - howsoadorable? Taken in entirety from [livejournal.com profile] mikeyway_daily
alicia: The scuba cat commercial still makes me giggle like an idiot every time it comes on. Do Wanttttt!!! Bunny, figure that shit out already! Lol

mikey: @aliciaway hogwash! Bunny could probably drive a submarine while she does her taxes



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