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In continuation of the theme of my last post, I am happy to report that I managed to squish in some music practice last night, before I toddled off to my lesson, and some more this morning. This morning, you guys. I actually dragged my arse out of bed for it, and everything. I am so impressed with myself. :P Apparently it made me more organised, too; I was early for work, despite the extra half-hour taken for the musics.

Looking forward to [livejournal.com profile] monucs rehearsal tonight! (Hence the reason why I chose this morning rather than this evening for aforementioned activity.)

Wearing one of my new tops today. I look like a very well-dressed, clean, land-lubbing pirate. That is to say, I suppose, that I look nothing like a pirate, but I am wearing a red and white striped top with a ginormous creamy bow.
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Laaaaaaaaaazy last day.

It may be snowing and deathly cold in Europe (hi, [livejournal.com profile] foxe and [livejournal.com profile] frankkincense!), but no such luck here. It's bloody hot, and it's only going to get worse, or so I'm led to believe. On the up side (and it's a considerable up side), I won't freeze my arse off at Beach Trip this year. \o/

We went out for Southern Indian style lunch today,which was lovely, and now there is cake, though it is sadly not very nice.

Hmm. I ought to toddle off post-office-wards, and get my two-month letter in the mail and a step closer to its recipient. Postal strikes mean that it is unlikely to reach its destination for another couple of weeks, but that just adds to its ridiculous, languid charm. Or: that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :D
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...ew. Coffee ought not to be chewy. *chews*

I'm getting the hang of calling people. It's considerably less daunting now than it was this time last week.

I'm still overrun with work. I know, I know - I shouldn't be on LJ, but even an overworked mite with an LJ addiction needs a break, once in a while.
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Today's entry brought to you by [livejournal.com profile] ockyflam.

Why I have a good opinion of Robert Pattinson, even though I don't think he's good looking. For serious. You should click on the link. Do eeeet. It'll make you laugh, or at least snort derisively in Stephanie Meyer's direction every time somebody mentions Twilight in your vicinity. :D

So, what's new, f-list? Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am.

Fail!kitty forgot to bring her USB key today. The one which contained the data essential for a meeting with honours supervisor to discuss article, which was scheduled for today. *facepalm* We've moved it to Monday. I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BE A FAILBOT ON MONDAY, GUYS. PLEASE PROD ME IF YOU SUSPECT I NEED HELP TO ACHIEVE THIS: YOU ARE PROBABLY CORRECT.
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Wow, I'm bored stupid. Friday afternoons are so sleepy around here that they verge on comatose.

*chokes and splutters*

It's shaping up to be a quiet weekend. Claire and I plan to engage in the fine sport of couch sitting and marathon movie watching this evening; I'm staying the night because her parents are out of town, and we can stay up late unhindered by any demands but our own sleep requirements. And, I suppose, the bunny. He's a very quiet bunny, mostly.

I have no specific plans for either Saturday night, or Sunday. I may or may not show up at the bookstall, depending on how enthusiastic I am about dealing with crappy public transport on the day. I shall therefore potter. Items on my 'pottering' list include:

Music practice,
create CDs,
academia organisation,
graphics manipulation,
letter writing,
organising my diary,
going to the market with dad,
drinking coffee on Sunday at my favourite cafe,
and avoiding trouble as best I can.

How does all that sound?
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Singapore was great! Alas, I didn't actually have time to see much of the city in its own right, but I did manage to get along to the Night Safari, run by the zoo. If you're ever there, you must go to the Night Safari - it was wonderful! Many cool animals to see (including an armadillo!), and it's very well laid out and informative. There was also a stall where you could stick your feet into a fish tank, and all the fish would groom your skin. Apparently, it tickled but felt great afterwards... I didn't get around to giving it a go, but it certainly looked weird from an observer's perspective!

The colloquium was pretty busy, and incorporated many speakers from a range of countries and backgrounds, talking on many issues currently faced by the collaboration, and what might be done about them. There were also about 20 workshops per day to choose from, which made decisions about which to attend very challenging! I helped to present a poster, and I had the chance to meet some very interesting, and potentially useful, people, from both Australia and overseas. I networked like the social butterfly I can sometimes be, and unearthed a couple of potential postgrad supervisors. \o/

I'm glad to be home, though. I got sick of the food for a start; I enjoy various Asian dishes once in a while, but they are very meat-oriented (even the "vegetarian" options usually contained meat in some form or another).


Trivia Night last night was very entertaining! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mawaridi and [livejournal.com profile] splatchtrock and associates for working so hard on it all!
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Good evening, dear land of livejournal!

I am armed this afternoon with a choc-chip cookie and a small latte. With these things, I can achieve anything!

I sent in my tax return this morning, after having put it off for the last, oh ... 3 months. Sigh. Still, a nice, healthy return will be coming my way. :)

Today's flight departs Melbourne International Airport at 1:45am, which technically makes it tomorrow's flight, but as there will be no sleep for me between now and then, it's a moot point.

- My bank knows I'm going away. They will not suddenly cancel my card. \o/
- My passport is in order.
- I've checked in online.
- My luggage is strewn across my bed, and my thus far empty bag is in the centre of the floor.

... I think I'm nearly ready. Except for the finishing packing thing, lol.

Erm. What else must be done?
- I have to stop via a card shop on my way home - either in Malvern or in the city. *googles* Malvern it is, then.
- I have to wrap the corresponding present, as well.


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